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Planned Parenthood propaganda lies feminism
Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about your right to choose, they care about your money.


“We already know that so-called ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ don’t provide medical services – they’re nothing more than disguised anti-choice activists misleading pregnant women away from making their own decisions. In North Carolina, there are eight times as many CPCs than health centers that provide a full range of medical services. Funding CPCs to push anti-choice propaganda and misinform pregnant women is a waste of taxpayer dollars.” – Planned Parenthood

There have been many articles circulating the Internet in the last few weeks exposing Planned Parenthood of lying about their medical services. Planned Parenthood is nothing but a large organization pushing Abortions.  They call themselves “Pro-Choice” but really, if you aren’t willing to have an Abortion, you had better leave right away – they don’t help women who are not there to receive an abortion.


Planned Parenthood’s quote about CPCs is entirely true (watch the movie 12th and Delaware to understand what I mean), and they are a registered non-profit organization who does more for reproductive rights than almost anyone else in the country.

These are Planned Parenthood’s services:

[Image: a pie graph labeled “Patient Care Provided by Planned Parenthood Affiliate Health Centers” with figures from 2009. Abortion services are only 3%. STD Testing and Treatment, 35%. Cancer screening and prevention, 16%. Contraception, 35%. Other women’s health services, 10%. Other services, 1%. There were 11.4 million total services that year. End description.]

"Pushing abortions" my ass. Look at that graph. Fucking look at it. And they aren’t profiteering from abortion, either. It’s only 3% of their services, and all profits Planned Parenthood receive go to funding their other services because they are a nonprofit organization.

Planned Parenthood does help people. For many women in particular, Planned Parenthood is their only viable source of the health care services listed in the graph above because they cannot afford health insurance. Would you really take away that last resource and leave all those women to die preventable deaths from STDs or undetected cancer?

So somehow, I think that woman’s story of a Planned Parenthood employee kicking her out for wanting a pregnancy test because she wanted to keep the baby is a complete and total fabrication. After all, I’ve caught lying red handed. This would not be the first lie told by you anti-choicers (see: the rest of this blog). And on the off chance that it is true, let me tell you, that is not standard procedure (see the above pie graph). All it shows is the shocking conclusion that some people suck at their jobs.

Jesus, for a “Warrior of Truth”, you sure do spread a lot of lies.

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