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You have no understanding of the concept of pro-life if you think pro-life means valuing a fetus/baby over a woman. Pro-life is about life in all instances.







By taking bodily autonomy away from women!

And murdering abortion providers!

And bombing clinics!

And removing federal funding for breast exams and cervical cancer screenings simply because the organization also provides abortions!



Pathetic. You know, the notion of stereotyping a diverse group of people based on unfounded assumptions sounds awfully familiar … oh wait. Racism? Sexism? Newsflash: the vast majority of pro lifers are not terrorists, and do not condone such actions. Neither do we believe that legitimate medical procedures should be affected because of the abortion debate. Please stop misrepresenting pro lifers, and focus on the actual arguments at hand.  

Yeah, you know what?

This isn’t unfounded.

The majority of pro-lifers aren’t terrorists but they create the environment that allows for pro-life terrorists to flourish. Pro-lifers that refer to abortion as murder and imply (or straight up say) that it deserves to be punished, or refer to abortion providers as “baby killers”, or feel it’s appropriate to misuse private medical information to send letters to family members of patients announcing that the patient had an abortion…none of that is factual but if creates an environment that allows people to truly see abortion as a form of murder (which it isn’t, as defined by law) and decide to take this issue into their own hands in the form of clinic bombs and guns pointed at abortion providers heads.

Pro-lifers spit out all this vitriol and hate and violent rhetoric about abortion but then stand by and hold up their hands when someone actually takes them at their word. Pro-lifers are responsible for creating pro-life terrosits and there are LOTS of pro-lifers who may not necessarily blow up a clinic or murder a doctor themselves but they’ll be happy about it because the doctor was stopped or the clinic has been shut down. It doesn’t matter what the means of doing it are as long as abortion is taken away.

And even if you don’t want to believe that, pro-lifers DO support legislation that teaches abstinence-only sex ed. They DO support legislation that puts restrictions on birth control to completely ban it. They DO support denying funding to organizations that provide abortions even though those organizations provide life-saving preventative care in the form of cancer screenings and referrals.

It’s not pro-life to remove funding for breast exams when breast exams could save people’s lives. It’s not pro-life to remove funding for pap smears to check for cancerous cells. People die when you remove those programs. If pro-lifers REALLY cared about life in all instances then they wouldn’t want to take away funding that saves lives. If pro-lifers were truly concerned about life in all instances then they would support legislation that increases comprehensive sex ed (since that is one of the biggest factors in lowering the abortion rate) and greater access to contraceptives.

But they don’t because pro-lifers want to punish people who choose to have sex.

Abortion IS a legitimate medical procedure. Do you have a medical degree? Only a physician should decided what are and are not legitimate medical procedures. And if abortion is truly not a legitimate medical procedure, why don’t pro-lifers also protest elective plastic surgery? People certainly die from complications from that much more than an abortion, which is one of the safest surgeries a person can have.

It’s not misrepresentation when it’s true.



Thank you.

I’m so damn sick and tired of this “generalizing pro-life is bad” bullshit.

They are religious terrorists. Deal with it. If you don’t like that, don’t identify with that group.

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