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To mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Guttmacher Institute wants to make sure everyone knows the facts.

FILM: Women’s Voices: The Gender Gap

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What are "pro-life"' people's general opinion of ectopic pregnancies? My mother would have died if she didn't get the abortion she needed and I can't see how my mother dying and me going into foster care is "pro-life".

I’ve seen a lot of apologetics around them. I’ve heard anti-choicers say that treating an ecotpic pregnancy doesn’t technically count as an abortion because the embryo was never implanted—but by the same token, they should be fine with birth control, since it prevents implantation. But by the anti-choice logic that “a person is a person no matter how small”, I don’t see how it should make a difference to them.

Unless their ulterior motive is making pregnant people suffer.

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[TW: rape, child abuse] Childbirth and pregnancy can reopen sexual abuse wounds




If you or your partner are survivors of sexual abuse, take time to consider how that will affect your birth experience.

This article hit me hard. Reproductive health and rights activists, please take the time to read it.

Her new baby had nothing to do with what happened to her when she was a small child, she thought. Yet, surprisingly and on a level that she couldn’t reason with, the idea of childbirth awoke all of these old feelings: lying on a bed screaming, vulnerable and not fully in control, surrounded by people who were supposed to take care of her.

Ashley realized this experience was going to be a turning point for her. Either childbirth was going to finally heal her old scars, or it was going to retraumatize her.

She chose healing[…]

Many women struggle with pelvic exams, breastfeeding, the lack of control, being tethered to machines, drugs that can make their brains foggy, male doctors and nurses, people entering their rooms without permission, or even the extra attention to body parts that have been ignored or are the center of confused or negative emotions.

Many survivors experience a disconnect between their mind and body, and that new awareness of the body can be a trigger, says Rachael Uris, a psychotherapist in Boulder who specializes in childhood sexual abuse[…]

For others, like Ashley, simply lying down while others “do things” to you — not feeling like an active participant in the process — felt too parallel to the trauma she survived.

Uris says some mothers struggle with the feeling of someone else “occupying” their body.

Male survivors may have their own set of stresses. They may fear for their partners’ safety, become overly protective, not feel comfortable with watching pelvic exams or even fall into a panic attack at the sounds and sights of a normal delivery, experts say[…]

The most important thing Shelley recommends is having a trained and trusted expert, like a doula, at your birth, “so when something we never could have predicted comes up, there’s someone you trust who you can look at and get your support through.”

“I want women to know that it’s possible to basically have a redo, for them to experience an empowered, choiceful experience that’s intense, but that they get to call the shots on,” she says.

This applies to every pregnant person and their partner, not just men and women.

I found some more helpful information on this when I was doing my pregnancy “inconvenience” post for those who are interested. 

For the next time someone tries to pass pregnancy off as a walk in the park, as “just nine months” of your life you’ll never get back.

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Abortion Not A Mental Health Risk But Unwanted Pregnancies Are, Studies Find

(Source: stephherold)

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“Planned Parenthood has been my go-to place since college,” she says. “When I got to my appointment I laid out my situation for the social worker. She was amazing. One of things I remember most vividly is her telling me that I couldn’t make a wrong decision. It was the first time anyone had said this to me. She was telling me that either way—having a baby or having an abortion—was okay. She didn’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do, but instead helped me think about the issues. As I talked I understood that my problem was not the pregnancy but the relationship I was in. By listening and not judging me the counselor helped me clarify what I had to do: Abort the father, keep the baby.”

Almash’s speech is salted with adjectives: Great, helpful, compassionate. That’s why, she continues, she gets so riled up when conservative politicians condemn Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health providers. “I want these legislators to know that my three-year-old is here, not despite, but because of, Planned Parenthood.”

Indeed, comprehensive options counseling—to help women determine whether abortion, adoption, or childbearing is right for them—is deeply woven into the care offered at women’s health facilities throughout the United States.

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Both of my brothers were delivered by a midwife. The same woman actually gave me the HPV vaccine and started me on birth control. She's a pretty awesome lady!

I didn’t know midwives could prescribe birth control, too. That’s awesome.

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I went with midwives for both my prenatal care and my delivery. Also, many homebirths are attended by midwives. Midwives just generally rock!

Thanks for the info! I don’t know much about midwives.

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I did some volunteering yesterday to administer surveys to 9th graders to ask about their views on sex, pregnancy, etc., and on the way back, I saw this car with a bumper sticker that said, "Smile! Your mom chose life!" I said, "Oh fuck you!" And thought of you and all of the other blogs on here that are pro-choice. But mostly yours.

Haha, thanks. I hate those bumper stickers.

I’d be really interested in those survey results, once they’re done.

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Has any anti-choicer ever given their view on miscarriage? If I lose my baby, should I be convicted for manslaughter? If not, the "abortion is murder" mantra makes no sense (not that it did before either).

Some anti-choicers consider miscarriage murder too. They’re disgusting.

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[Trigger warning: rape, abuse, torture, coercion, graphic medical descriptions and drawings] Pro-choice or “pro-life,” it’s hard to deny that forced pregnancy and childbirth are torture.

I’ve gone into this before, but apparently people still don’t get it, so here we go again.

So many anti-choicers talk about pregnancy as if it’s some walk in the park. They are, in a word, wrong. Completely wrong. So completely wrong that I’m actually, honestly shocked I need to explain this to them.

Pregnancy itself is one of the most difficult things a human being can go through. For nine months, you deal with what’s essentially a parasite feeding off your body’s every resource. This causes some downright terrifying side effects. For instance, hyperemesis gravidarum, or extreme morning sickness. Let’s dispel a common myth about this: it’s not just early on in pregnancy. It can occur throughout the entire pregnancy.

In movies like Knocked Up, vomiting is a quick and tidy signal that the lady in question has a bun in the oven. Once she realizes what’s going on, the nausea magically disappears, and our mother-to-be gets on with her wacky life crisis, right?

Anyone who’s ever had a killer hangover or suffered through a raging flu has experienced the glory of constant nausea. Not just the throw-up-and-get-it-over-with kind of sick, the kind where everything that goes down comes back up in the form of Satanic bile. Everything. Every meal, every snack, even every sip of water or swallow of saliva. Even when you don’t eat, you’re treated to the dry heaves and the burps. You’re so broken-down that all you want to do is go to bed and/or die.

Now, picture getting that sick after every meal of every day for nine solid months. Oh, and another thing — picture that as the months progress, a rib-crushing basketball grows under your shirt, making your hourly face-down trips to the toilet an exercise in torture. Also, just for funsies, imagine you’re also experiencing a host of other ailments, like heartburn, backaches, random bloody noses, loss of bladder control and a wicked case of the furious farts. If you can imagine all that, you’ve got hyperemesis gravidarum down pat.

And that’s not all, not by any stretch of the imagination. How about “pregnancy tumors”?

Sometimes a large lump with deep red pinpoint markings on it forms on inflamed gum tissue, usually near the upper gum line. The red lump glistens, may bleed and crust over, and can make eating and speaking difficult and cause discomfort. These growths are called pregnancy tumors and can occur at any time during the course of pregnancy, though they usually occur during the second trimester.

Oh! Diastasis recti! That’s where your abdominal muscles do this:

[Image: a medical diagram of Diastasis Recti. The left shows a normal abdominal wall, and the right shows an abdominal wall with a uterus pushing between the two sides of it, labeled “Abdominal Separation”. End description.]

because your uterus is getting so overly expanded by relaxin, so you’re basically getting a preview of childbirth before childbirth can even begin. Fantastic!

Now, onto childbirth. Conveniently, Cracked has another related article about the terrifying things they never tell you about childbirth!

How about the dreadful possibility of needing an episiotomy?

In an episiotomy, a scalpel is used to create an incision that starts at the bottom of the vagina, and goes downward towards the rectum. As if this wasn’t hard enough to watch without crying like the little girl that our high school gym teachers always knew we would turn out to be, the procedure is carried out at the same time the baby’s head is forcing its way out.

Well, gee, I didn’t know Tom Six took over reproductive healthcare as well as making fucked up B-movies. If that’s not torture, I don’t know what is.

And you… you’d force all that on someone just for having sex? No one should have to go through all that if they aren’t ready.

Oh, and I haven’t even touched reproductive coercion yet! This is when your AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth) partner forces you, an AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) person to be pregnant in order to keep you in a relationship with them. The (incredibly wrong) stereotype of a woman using a pregnancy to keep a man in a relationship with them is completely wrong, because this form of reproductive coercion is actually going on right now. What if the pregnant person is being forced through pregnancy not by the law, but by their partner? And it doesn’t even have to be forced on you by your partner—a parent or someone you consider a friend, for instance, is just as capable of playing emotional gymnastics with you to abuse you into keeping that child against your will.

I know what anti-choicers are going to follow this up with: “If you don’t want that, don’t have sex!” Even ignoring the heteronormativity and pretending rape and reproductive coercion never happen, this view is ridiculous. Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. Saying so is like saying that eating red meat is consent to dying of heart disease, or that swimming is consent to drowning. People are entitled to have sex for reasons other than reproducing, and you have no right to police their sex lives. Period. And what if the contraception fails? Are you so anti-choice then?

Just… really, who the fuck do you think you are?