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[Image: a poster with various photos of fetuses, babies and a pregnant person’s belly. Text reads, “My heart is beating at 18 days. My brainwaves can be recorded at 42 days. All my body systems are present in 8 weeks. My vocal cords work at 18 weeks. Will I get a chance to see the world outside?” It then quotes Mother Teresa, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” At the bottom, “HELP STOP ABORTION NOW AT WWW.PROLIFE.COM”. End description.]

This was my visual argument poster for Honors English… There were so many people that did theirs against abortion:D

Yay for factual inaccuracies. How about looking up how fetal development actually works instead of pulling these numbers and doctored and irrelevant photos out of your ass?

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So I love the pro-choice phrase, “No uterus, no opinion,” and yet society accuses MEN of thinking with their genitals.

But the uterus isn’t genitalia. That’s the vulva. Thanks for showing that anti-choicers don’t understand reproduction.

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[Image: text on a red background, “I AM an ABORTION ABOLITIONIST”. It is credited to End description.]

Pro-tip: Appropriating the suffering of slaves to the anti-choice movement is completely erroneous. Slaves are completely aware of everything done to them. An aborted embryo or fetus is not, since it can’t even feel pain until 35 weeks.

I also want to say this is borderline racist, since this almost definitely depends on people’s knowledge of African American slavery, to boot.

Good job, antis.

I’ve heard arguments similar to this.  I don’t know if you’re aware, but the term “abolitionist” is also used by death penalty opponents and by vegan activists. Are you saying that they too are “borderline racist”?

Probably, yeah. “Abolitionist” refers to the original anti-slavery movement in the United States, so appropriating the term to other movements is probably racist in some way or another.

(Source: abolishabortion)

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Welcome to Until Anti-Choice Bigotry Ends.


Pledge what you are willing to give up until anti-choice bigotry ends. 

Submit to us HERE a written piece, a photo, a voice recording, or a video of your pledge (Read the guidelines as to what you should submit and how to format it here).

Thank you.



[Image: animated gif of Daniel Radcliffe saying “OH MY GOD” in a rather awed way. End description.]

That is absolutely amazing. Signal boost!

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The Special Investigations Division of The U.S. House of Representatives tackled down three of the most popular abortion myths dished out by Pregnancy Resource Centers, also known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


  1. Abortion significantly increases your risk of breast cancer, there is a direct link:

  2. Abortion increases your risk of infertility:

  3. Abortion will cause severe negative mental health issues:

It’s stuff we already know but I felt that it needed to be posted.

Conclusion of this article:

“Pregnant teenagers and women turn to federally funded pregnancy resource centers for 

advice and counseling at a difficult time in their lives.  These centers, however, 

frequently fail to provide medically accurate information.  The vast majority of 

pregnancy centers contacted in this investigation misrepresented the medical 

consequences of abortion, often grossly exaggerating the risks.  This tactic may be 

effective in frightening pregnant teenagers and women and discouraging abortion.  But it 

denies the teenagers and women vital health information, prevents them from making an 

informed decision, and is not an accepted public health practice. ”   
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[Image: a photo, presumably of some pro-life protesters, climbing ladders just behind a shrubby fence at an abortion clinic. End description.]

Really #ProLife Protesters? This Time - Too Far! Have some respect for medical privacy! (via @ProChoiceMass)

Seriously, antis? Seriously? You are probably the entire reason the clinic put that fence up at all.

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Legal Abortion: The Sign of a Civilized Society


Abstract: This paper outlines some of the harsh realities about the incidence and safety of legal versus illegal abortion in the modern world. Countries where abortion is legal are compared to countries where it is illegal to highlight the shocking injustice being done to women who do not have access to safe, legal abortion. That, and the tragedy of unwanted children, highlights the far-reaching health and social benefits of legalized abortion.

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Abortion isn’t going to make a girl feel better, it’ll probably make her feel worse.


Getting an abortion won’t change the fact that a mistake was made or the girl was raped.
Getting an abortion probably makes them feel worse because they’ll have to deal with additional feelings such as guilt and remorse. 

but hey, that’s my opinion.

Excuse me? Aborting a fetus doesn’t involve a lot of guilt. But hey, that’s my opinion. What about the rapist? They have to deal with additional feelings such as guilt and remorse, BUT WHY DID THEY RAPE?

Stop assuming things you really have no idea about. My aunt needed one to survive.

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And also it’s only two facilities.


There’s still a ton more that people can still go to…

You’re the one who was celebrating Planned Parenthoods being shut down in your area, weren’t you? Yeah, but that doesn’t leave many, if any, in your area. Plenty of people depend on Planned Parenthood for their healthcare. You’re really celebrating all those people losing their only dependable source of health care?

Ugh. When I become sexually active, Planned Parenthood will be the first place I go to for birth control and affordable polyurethane condoms. I doubt Massachusetts will be defunding them or, worse yet, shutting them down any time soon, thank goodness. And I’ll post about all the good they’ve done for me here on Tumblr for ignoramuses like you to see.


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I’m going to keep reposting these until someone answers them


Questions for pro-life people! As I stated before, I don’t need any snarky comebacks from pro-choice people; these are sincere questions that no pro-life blogger (or just anyone who identifies as pro-life) has taken the time to answer…yet.

I’ve linked to the original posts. Feel free to reblog this or either of them, or answer in my ask box any/all of the questions.

Here goes!


You say that embryos/fetuses deserve the full rights and protections of born human beings….

If this unborn person is to be treated as a born person, say, a child, they would be protected legally as a child, correct?

So, if a person was to have a miscarriage, would they need to be investigated for manslaughter, the crime of killing a human being unintentionally/without malice aforethought?

If a person engaged in activities deemed risky during pregnancy, would they need to be investigated for child abuse/endangerment?

If a person didn’t get prenatal care, or ignored/couldn’t comply with their doctor’s advice, would they need to be investigated for neglect?

If a person physically unfit to be pregnant (with some sort of illness or disability) became pregnant, would they need to be investigated for abuse, neglect, or something else?

If a pregnant person became suicidal, how should the government respond to ensure the person inside them would be safe?

Since a large percentage of zygotes, or fertilized eggs, are lost before they get a chance to implant in the uterine wall, would we need to check everyone’s period to be sure there is not a dead person in there? I know it sounds silly, but if it’s a person from the moment of conception, or fertilization, then millions of people are dying every day because they aren’t able to implant.

Will we need to issue “conception certificates,” or any kind of legal documentation, once a pregnancy occurs? If they are a person, shouldn’t we have a record of them?

Should pregnant people have the right to sue for child support? They need prenatal care just as much as born children need to be fed and clothed, if they are to keep this person inside them healthy.

Could pregnant people list their fetuses as dependents?

Could pregnant people collect welfare for their fetuses?

Could the father of this unborn person sue for custody?

Will these regulations apply to frozen embryos in fertility clinics? If a fertility clinic is damaged by a natural disaster, who will be held responsible for the deaths of the embryos?

More questions on autonomy and “right to life”

Here’s something I’ve been wondering about, and since I’m not a legal expert, I don’t have an answer.

If we were to treat embryos and fetuses as people, with a right to life and all that, what would we do about the fact that they are using someone else’s body against their will? Can abortion be justified as self-defense? There is no intent on the part of the embryo/fetus, since it is not sentient, and I imagine that would affect how they are treated legally.

Would their right to life trump the pregnant person’s right not to have their body used against their consent? If so, could that precedent be used to erode other bodily autonomy issues? This relates back to my questions on fetal personhood.

If their right to life didn’t take priority over bodily autonomy, then what? Would physicians be restricted to only performing inductions, no matter at what stage of development the fetus was? That is, would the fetuses have to be surgically removed or birthed, so as not to commit murder? Would letting them die be infringing on their right to life? Would it be more cruel to keep a severely underdeveloped baby alive, knowing it had little to no chance of survival, but was in great pain and anguish, or would likely suffer severe developmental problems?

These are questions we need to ask. There has to be a solid reason for outlawing abortion, and the most common reasoning I’ve seen is this “right to life.” I think that the treatment of uterus owners pre-Roe would not be as accepted today (though stranger things have happened), so old justifications wouldn’t hold much water. So, what happens when two people with equal rights are residing in one body?

I would be very interested in these answers as well. Come at me, bros.