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Planned Parenthood Bombed In Wisconsin


Pro life bombing Planned Parenthood? That makes a whole lot of sense if you don’t think about it.

I hate this planet.

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You are not an abortion survivor unless someone actually tried to abort your fetus self.


Example: The Oldenburg Baby

You are not an abortion survivor if you just so happen to be born after x date. That’s like saying someone who was in America, in the comfort of their homes, during World War II, is a Holocaust survivor.

They’re not.

So, unless you actually survived an attempted abortion, you are NOT an abortion survivor.

(Source: whatilearnedinmy16years)

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abortion pro-choice pro choice prochoice prolife pro life pro-life antichoice anti choice anti-choice untill antichoice bigotry ends untilantichoicebigotryends u mad?

Welcome to Until Anti-Choice Bigotry Ends.


Pledge what you are willing to give up until anti-choice bigotry ends. 

Submit to us HERE a written piece, a photo, a voice recording, or a video of your pledge (Read the guidelines as to what you should submit and how to format it here).

Thank you.



[Image: animated gif of Daniel Radcliffe saying “OH MY GOD” in a rather awed way. End description.]

That is absolutely amazing. Signal boost!

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abortion pro life anti choice pro choice day of silent solidarity day of silence

I’m so glad it’s finally the Pro-Choice Day of Respite From Pro-Life Bullshit!


(Otherwise known as the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, which itself is just a cheap copy of the LGBTQQPA Day of Silence.)

Let’s hope that we all get the entire day off from having to deal with anti-choice bullshit. Stay quiet, anti-choicers!

I know! A whole day without them around. What a dream!

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Dear Every Anti-Choicer Who Keeps Comparing The Holocaust to Abortion




Here are a couple of comments, from Shakesville, explaining this amazing thing from various Jews (including my older sister):

Another important point about Jewish doctors and abortions is that Ashkenazic Jews (the ethnic/social group which has pretty much the largest influence on orthodox Judaism in America) are relatively common carriers of the recessive gene for Tay-Sachs disease, which is generally fatal when expressed. As I recall from family discussions, it was possible to reliably test unborn fetuses for Tay-Sachs before it was easy to test prospective parents as carriers, and it was generally considered better to terminate an unborn fetus rather than subject a living child to death by Tay-Sachs - so once the testing was feasible in the 1970s or so, it became quite well understood among the Ashkenazim that abortion was something which was frequently a practical necessity for reasons the parents might not want to talk about.

Not surprised. Abortion is allowed in Judaism, even in the Orthodox branch. However, the level of permissibility varies, depending on your flavor of Jewish. The Orthodox allow abortions in situations where the mother’s physical, mental, or emotional health is in danger. For example, some women are at risk of dying during birth. If that is so, they are practically obligated to do the abortion. Sometimes, women will go batshit crazy because the baby was a product of rape or incest or the mom is just unstable. If she is in such a condition where it is very possible she may kill the baby, herself, or both, then an abortion is allowed then, too. The reason this is so is because the mother’s life is considered a “complete” life. Even though fetuses’ lives are also important, they are only potential. The mother’s life overrides that of her fetus. In addition, when the mother is in danger of dying, the fetus is considered a pursuer, and just as anyone pursues you to take your life, you can turn around and take theirs. Given that this attitude exists even in the religious circles, I’m not surprised to see that a great majority of abortion doctors are Jewish nor that Jewish doctors are willing to do abortions.

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A true letter of a fetus to its mother.



[Image: a blank sheet of lined paper. End description.]

So, after the fetus, unable to penetrate through its mothers skin, due to the fact that it can’t do anything, has no consciousness, and really has no basic abilities that are unique to anything but a rock, I decided to give the paper and pencil to the pregnant person.

They proceed to throw the pencil at my face and scream at me to get out. There you have it, ladies and gents. ABERTION IS WRAHNG.

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"The abortion issue isn’t really about “protecting the unborn.” If we examine the other positions that usually go along with being anti-choice, and if we talk honestly about them, we discover that criminalizing abortion is really about making it harder for women to make their own choices about when to have sex, and with whom. Criminalizing abortion is really about reversing the progress toward gender equality we’ve made over the last century. It’s about returning women to the status of second-class citizens. The real reason the religious right embraces the anti-choice stance is because they believe women should be submissive to men. But, saying that straight up would be political poison, so they talk about a “culture of life.”"
— #9  of “10 REASONS TO BE PRO-CHOICE” by ”Pine Belt Progressive” (via mo-khan)
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ACLU of North Carolina Files Lawsuit Challenging Discriminatory License Plate Scheme


“If anti-choice drivers are permitted to express their views on their license plates, people like me should be able to express our view that women deserve full reproductive freedom,” said Sue Holliday, plaintiff and certified nurse midwife.

While I’m thrilled that the ACLU is pursuing this in North Carolina, I’m livid that nothing has been done in Florida. We’ve had these “Choose Life” plates for years now and never had the option for a pro-choice plate. I don’t remember hearing about the ACLU fighting for us to get one. Do I need to send them an email?

Wait, in Florida, are all license plates Choose Life ones? That’s ridiculous, if so.



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Obama Administration Cracks Down on Abortion Clinic Protestors



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Until Abortion Ends.


Why can’t this be a joke?

Are people really this stupid?

It’s seriously so fucking stupid. It’s a bunch of privileged people making frivolous sacrifices for wishes that will never come true. Abortion will never end. It simply won’t. There will always be a need for it, and making it illegal has never changed the rate at which abortions occur—they just make pregnant people die.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of these ~*~noble sacrifices~*~

  • soda
  • coffee
  • Taco Bell
  • video games
  • chips
  • "bad words"
  • lemon tea
  • chocolate
  • sliced bread
  • ice cream
  • popcorn
  • Goldfish
  • Sour Skitles
  • Cheerios
  • french fries

… This is hilarious on so many levels.