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[Image: Three drawings of fake newspaper clippings. The first says, “North Caroline Defunds Planned Parenthood, ‘Great News’ Says Cervical Cancer. A blob of malignant neoplasm seemed encouraged” alongside a picture of a cancer cell with arms, legs, a face, and a wide, toothy smile. The second says, “Entire Media Checks Into Sex Scandal Addiction Clinic. Wolf Blitzer: ‘Our sick fetish has made the news impossible.’” alongside a drawing of Wolf Blitzer with a tear running down his cheek. The final one says, “Study: “Kids Who Can’t Remember Start of Afghanistan War Now Old Enough To Die In It” as the headline. What follows are photos of two young men with quotes next to them. The first, a young white man with a shaved head, says, “‘It’s about the dead guy, Osama, right?’ - Ryker Anderson, 19”. The second, a young black man with short hair and a soul patch, says, “Travis, 18, who is stationed in Kabul, was playing trucks when the 9/11 attacks happened, he guesses.”]

National headlines get the ‘Bors’ treatment

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