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2 years ago
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IDAHO ANTI-ABORTION BILL COULD SEND WOMEN SEEKING ABORTIONS TO CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS | Like lawmakers across the U.S., Idaho legislators are considering a bill requiring women to receive an ultrasound before having an abortion, which could add up to $200 to the cost of the procedure for women. But one requirement in the legislation is for the state to post a list of clinics that provide free ultrasounds. It’s expected that most of the organizations listed will be crisis pregnancy centers, known for deceptive tactics to try to stop women from having abortions. But the bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Chuck Winder (R), has no issue with codifying the deceitful tactics because the point of the ultrasound bill is “to convince a woman not to go through with abortions.”

*pregnant people, not just cis women.

RAGE. Oh god. Fucking rage.