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2 years ago
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You know how anti-choicers like to have fetuses writing long emotional letters when they can't write at all? What are some other ways (that stand out to you) that they make use of that type of propaganda: where the fetus in question has skills or habits or traits it can't possibly have yet?

Just about all their fetus-centered propaganda depends on a fundamental misunderstanding of how fetal development even works. Simple Googling can usually prove wrong an anti-choicer’s claim that “This is what a fetus looks like at x weeks!” When it’s not even remotely close. There was one instance where a priest took an actual stillborn and said it was an aborted fetus. That link has some other great examples of this, too. Anti-choicers outright lie about fetuses’ capabilities and whatnot, not that it makes a difference in whether it gets to use someone’s uterus against their will or not.

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That awkward moment when antis tell me that if I’d just look into fetal development I’d change my mind about abortion.


[Image: animated gif of a hyena from The Lion King laughing in hysterics. End description.]

Been there, done that.

Embryonic/fetal development:

I’m informed and more prochoice than ever before. How’s the anti-science propaganda treating you?

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Dear pro-lifers,

If your fetus can think, speak, write, understand language, and/or form opinions, then chances are you NEED AN ABORTION. Fetuses should NOT be able to do any of these things until well after birth. If your fetus can, then chances are, it’s the size of a five year old and needs to be removed immediately.


A concerned pro-choicer who knows about science

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3 years ago
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Can you explain the difference between its a fetus and when its a baby? a crowning at birth... is that a fetus or a baby? inside the mother vs. outside of the mother?... is that the deciding factor?

We go by the medical definitions here. It becomes an embryo around two or three weeks, a fetus at ten weeks, and once it’s born, it’s a baby. It also becomes biologically autonomous when it’s born, so that’s when it gets the “right to life”.