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ACLU of North Carolina Files Lawsuit Challenging Discriminatory License Plate Scheme


“If anti-choice drivers are permitted to express their views on their license plates, people like me should be able to express our view that women deserve full reproductive freedom,” said Sue Holliday, plaintiff and certified nurse midwife.

While I’m thrilled that the ACLU is pursuing this in North Carolina, I’m livid that nothing has been done in Florida. We’ve had these “Choose Life” plates for years now and never had the option for a pro-choice plate. I don’t remember hearing about the ACLU fighting for us to get one. Do I need to send them an email?

Wait, in Florida, are all license plates Choose Life ones? That’s ridiculous, if so.



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I live in SoFla and I was wondering why I hadn't heard anything about this abortion clinic thing.... and that would be because this happened way back in '06.


Woowwww. Pro-lifers really love facts.

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Three abortion bills could become law within the next two weeks


Gov. Rick Scott has two weeks to sign House Bills 501, 1127 and 1247 before they automatically become law:

  • House Bill 501 loosens up restrictions on where funds collected through the sale of Choose Life, Inc. license plates are spent. Some fear that some of the money could go to crisis pregnancy centers in Florida.
  • House Bill 1127 is the mandatory-ultrasound bill. The legislation will require all doctors to perform on ultrasound on women before providing any abortion service, whether it is medically necessary or not. The bill provides an opt-out provision for viewing or listening to a description of the ultrasound.
  • House Bill 1247 would impose more restrictions on minors seeking a judicial bypass for the mandatory parental-consent-for-abortion law. If the bill is signed, young women will only be able to appeal to courts where they reside (which some argue infringes on privacy rights). The bill also requires that young women be lectured by judges hearing the appeal, and the bill also extends waiting periods for a ruling on the appeal.
    Similar legislation was once sought by the husband of the current bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland. Stargel’s husband was a state representative before becoming a circuit court judge — the position he holds now. Judge Stargel is among a handful of people who decide whether or not a young woman may receive a judicial bypass. It is on the record that not only did he, prior to becoming a judge, favor legislation that makes it harder for these women to get a bypass, but that his wife incorporated many of the provisions he sought as a legislator in her own bill. She claims that the bill is an effort to lighten “burdens on the courts.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida has previously said that it has been taking a close look at some of the bills. Maria Kayanan, associate legal director for the ACLU, says that the organization never rules out suing over any bill. #

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Republican's right over a woman's 'baby garage'

Frank Cerabino of Florida, objectification of women as incubator machines is absolutely not okay. It´s an organ, there´s nothing dirty about it. It´s called a uterus, and mine is mine own to control. Thank you.

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Florida House Passes Six Pro-Life Bills


Today was a historic day in Florida. Through lengthy and intense debates an amazing amount of pro-life bills passed the Florida House. The House passed all six pro-life bills ranging from having Floridians vote on the 2012 ballot to add an amendment to the FL Constitution banning publicly funded abortions — to requiring women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound, have it reviewed and explained to them.

Pro-life Democrats made their voices heard today in the debate of these bills and were strong voices for righteousness. Representative Julien (Dem. D 104) said in reference to the genocide of Africans in the days of slavery and in support of bill HB 97, ”abortion is a genocide of the unborn.” ”Nothing is more essential to what we do than the preservation of human life,” said another Representative in reference to the notion that job-creating bills are a better way to spend the session. 

Here’s a look at the bills passed today:

HB 501 Relating to Choose Life License Plates - This bill allows for Choose Life, Inc. to distribute funds donated by Floridians choosing the Choose Life license plate to organizations that help pregnant women and adoption agencies — rather than the funds being distributed by individual counties.

CS/HJR 1179  Amendment Banning Public Funding of Abortions on the 2012 Ballot - This bill proposes an amendment to the State Constitution that would prohibit public funding of abortions (excluding rape, incest and life of the mother); It would also prohibit the State Constitution from being interpreted to create broader rights to abortion than those contained in U.S. Constitution.

CS/HB 97 Health Insurance - Prohibits certain health insurance policies & health maintenance contracts from providing coverage for abortions; provides that certain restrictions on coverage for abortions apply to certain group health insurance policies issued or delivered outside state which provide coverage to residents of state.

HB 1127 Required Ultrasounds - This bill requires that an ultrasound be performed before a woman can obtain an abortion. It also requires that the ultrasound be reviewed with the patient before she consents for abortion procedure. If she chooses to not review the ultrasound she must do so in writing and that she did so of her own free will and without undue influence; it provides exemption from requirement to view ultrasound for women who are victims of rape, incest, domestic violence, or human trafficking or for women who have serious medical condition necessitating abortion.

HB 1247 Parental Notice of Abortion - This bill would tighten requirements for parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion;  It would require minors seeking an abortion to have parental consent before the abortion may be performed. 

HB 1397 Third Trimester Abortions: This would expand prohibition on third-trimester abortions to include a ban if the fetus is viable. It would also require physician who offers to or performs abortions to complete continuing ethics education.

These bills aren’t just good ideas, they’re the beginning of abortion ending in the state of Florida and are evidences that Floridians do care about the unborn, women and families. Today is no minor day.

No minor day indeed, when emotional terrorism becomes law. Mental health is normally unaffected by abortion, and in fact PAS does not exist, but no one has studied what the forced ultrasounds do for those people’s mental health! If anything about this would negatively affect these people’s mental health, the forced ultrasounds would do it.

Furthermore, parental notification for minors isn’t always a good thing. I’ve been bringing this up a lot lately as a hypothetical experience, but I’ve been wondering lately how laws like these would have affected me had I become pregnant as a young teenager. I have a relatively minor mental disability, Asperger’s. Look it up if you don’t know what it is because I’m sick of explaining it to everyone. Let’s take me at fourteen. At fourteen, frankly, I was dumb and didn’t have any of my emotions sorted out, worse than a normal fourteen year old girl. If I had ever needed an abortion at that age, I would never have told my mother about it. My mother’s not pro-life, but she is anti-teenage-sex to the point where she promised me that if I ever became pregnant at that age, she would have kicked me out of the house. Even if I was just fourteen. So, if the clinic informed my parents of what was going on, you know what would have happened? I’ve no doubt the woman would have started beating me—exactly what a girl needs, especially after getting an abortion.

I am surely not the only teenage girl who had parents like these. Don’t you dare tell me this legislation is a good idea in practice.

By the way, who gives a fuck about pro-life license plates? Are there pro-choice options?