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The Special Investigations Division of The U.S. House of Representatives tackled down three of the most popular abortion myths dished out by Pregnancy Resource Centers, also known as Crisis Pregnancy Centers.


  1. Abortion significantly increases your risk of breast cancer, there is a direct link:

  2. Abortion increases your risk of infertility:

  3. Abortion will cause severe negative mental health issues:

It’s stuff we already know but I felt that it needed to be posted.

Conclusion of this article:

“Pregnant teenagers and women turn to federally funded pregnancy resource centers for 

advice and counseling at a difficult time in their lives.  These centers, however, 

frequently fail to provide medically accurate information.  The vast majority of 

pregnancy centers contacted in this investigation misrepresented the medical 

consequences of abortion, often grossly exaggerating the risks.  This tactic may be 

effective in frightening pregnant teenagers and women and discouraging abortion.  But it 

denies the teenagers and women vital health information, prevents them from making an 

informed decision, and is not an accepted public health practice. ”   
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“I Have Sex” — students speak out against ideological

 attack on Planned Parenthood

Slightly old, but perfectly wonderful.

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A Reminder About the Insane Reason Your Government Was Almost Shut Down