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100% of profits from the sale of this necklace will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Click here to purchase.

The hanger has sadly become a symbol of the pro-choice movement, reminding us of the horrors women endure when abortion access is restricted. I have encountered, first hand, during my time interning for a local Planned Parenthood, the horrors some women have experienced while attempting to exercise choice before it was legal. I also know a wide variety of women who rely heavily on Planned Parenthood as their primary source of health care. 

Despite the fantastic things that Planned Parenthood does these wonderful, necessary things, they are constantly under attack. And it’s looking like the Planned Parenthood I interned for in Kansas is now going to be the last abortion provider standing in Kansas after the latest round of policy changes. These policies are the Jim Crow laws of women’s rights. We can’t stand for this.

I can’t explain the frustration of escorting frightened women through hoards of pro-life people who block doorways, yell curses, pray, and cry for an unborn child they’d ignore if it were ever brought to term. I’ve worked with beautiful children who are tangled in a mess of foster care, children who constantly get the shaft by these pro-lifer’s who would rather have their own offspring than adopt one of these kids. I heard the threats, had my license plates photographed, was told I was going to Hell on a near daily basis. It’s an underground war. We all try to ignore it, but it’s worse than you’d expect, unless you’d seen it first hand.

That’s why I began making these necklaces. I needed to find a way to raise money while doing something I love - creating things. With the purchase of this necklace, $15 will be donated to Planned Parenthood where it will be distributed to wherever the need is greatest. These donations will help provide low-income women with access to much needed healthcare treatment and prevention services. Since opening shop a few months ago, I’ve raised $280. Help me keep up the momentum!