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2 years ago
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Yeah, you know what else is fun about adoption? Adoption and adoptive parents are generally thought of very positively now. However, biological parents and adoptees still get stigmatized. So put your baby up for adoption and society is still going to think of you as irresponsible, self-serving, and ungrateful! And the child is still going to be distrusted and thought of as troublemaker. PERFECT!

[TW: rape culture]

It’s like no matter what, the women* in this picture can’t win. Had sex and got pregnant unexpectedly? Your own damn fault for being a slut. Got pregnant by rape? You sure it was rape? Can’t afford to raise the child? Should have thought about that before having a child you can’t afford. You should give the kid up for adoption. But wait! You’re still irresponsible for not raising your own kid!

Ugh, fuck these guys.