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ACLU of North Carolina Files Lawsuit Challenging Discriminatory License Plate Scheme


“If anti-choice drivers are permitted to express their views on their license plates, people like me should be able to express our view that women deserve full reproductive freedom,” said Sue Holliday, plaintiff and certified nurse midwife.

While I’m thrilled that the ACLU is pursuing this in North Carolina, I’m livid that nothing has been done in Florida. We’ve had these “Choose Life” plates for years now and never had the option for a pro-choice plate. I don’t remember hearing about the ACLU fighting for us to get one. Do I need to send them an email?

Wait, in Florida, are all license plates Choose Life ones? That’s ridiculous, if so.



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[Image: Three drawings of fake newspaper clippings. The first says, “North Caroline Defunds Planned Parenthood, ‘Great News’ Says Cervical Cancer. A blob of malignant neoplasm seemed encouraged” alongside a picture of a cancer cell with arms, legs, a face, and a wide, toothy smile. The second says, “Entire Media Checks Into Sex Scandal Addiction Clinic. Wolf Blitzer: ‘Our sick fetish has made the news impossible.’” alongside a drawing of Wolf Blitzer with a tear running down his cheek. The final one says, “Study: “Kids Who Can’t Remember Start of Afghanistan War Now Old Enough To Die In It” as the headline. What follows are photos of two young men with quotes next to them. The first, a young white man with a shaved head, says, “‘It’s about the dead guy, Osama, right?’ - Ryker Anderson, 19”. The second, a young black man with short hair and a soul patch, says, “Travis, 18, who is stationed in Kabul, was playing trucks when the 9/11 attacks happened, he guesses.”]

National headlines get the ‘Bors’ treatment

Reblogged for the first one.

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Eugenics ain't real, ya say? (Trigger Warning)


And those also deemed mentally unstable to reproduce included those who “allowed themselves to get raped,” single mothers, minority mothers (particularly Puerto Ricans and Blacks), and those in particular neighborhoods. Oh and not just in the carolinas. Crazy.

This is truly horrible. But why is this under the abortion hashtag? We generally only talk about the right to elective abortions here, not forced ones.

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North Carolina Senate overrides veto to defund Planned Parenthood


[Image: a CGI fetus in the third trimester.]

Kudos to the champs in the North Carolina Senate for standing up for life.

From CBS:

The North Carolina state legislature passed legislation on Wednesday that will strip Planned Parenthood of its funding in the state, making the Tar Heel state the third in the nation to defund the non-profit family planning and health care organization.

In a 31-19 state Senate vote, North Carolina lawmakers overrode Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue’s veto of the bill, a two-year budget that cuts taxes, reduces environmental oversight power, and slashes funding for a number of educational and medical programs, including Planned Parenthood.

Read the rest.

Just for all the “Planned Parenthood provides life saving services for women” people out there:

  • Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States
  • Planned Parenthood aborted 332,278 abortions in 2009 (roughly enough to populate the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  • Planned Parenthood encourages secret abortions for minors
  • Planned Parenthoot received $363 million of taxpayer dollars in 2009

Planned Parenthood needs only to do one thing to have its taxpayer funding reinstated in NC: stop performing abortions.

Oh please. I call bullshit on your Planned Parenthood “facts.” Abortion is only 3% of what Planned Parenthood provides. Contraception is well over 30%, and the vast majority of what they provide is free or affordable quality sexual health care for women. And hell, someone has to be the “biggest” abortion provider. They would also only “encourage secret abortions for minors” if it were within the law of that state and if it was best for that minor’s life. Parental notification is not necessarily a good thing because many minors live in abusive households. Why should they have no rights to safety if they become pregnant?

[Image: a pie graph labeled, “Patient Care Provided By Planned Parenthood Affiliate Health Centers”. It is based on 2008 figures, a year which saw 10.9 million services. Abortion is only 3%. Contraception, 35%. STD/STI Testing and Treatment, 34%. Cancer Screening and Prevention, 17%. Other Women’s Health Services, 10%. Other Services, 1%.]

Besides, because of all the contraception they provide, Planned Parenthood prevents nearly a million abortions per year. Should be a win-win, I figure. It should absolutely not be defunded.