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Call for pro-choice submissions for Summer of Trust’s solidarity campaign with Dr. Carhart



Summer of Trust is an event created in opposition to Operation Rescue’s efforts to demoralize patients intending to receive legal health care. Their primary target is Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of few late term abortion providers in the nation.

We are calling for peaceful photo submissions that display solidarity and support for Carhart, abortion doctors, patients and the movement in general.

Pictures will be displayed on the Summer of Trust website at

Please note: submissions that are submitted in bad taste will not be posted on the website. We plan to counter their hatred with peace.

Submissions can be sent to and will be accepted into the month of July.

Thank you! Please spread the word.

In solidarity, Lily

Signal boost.

Double signal boost.

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I just threw up in my mouth


Trigger warning for ableist language in the article.

Operation Rescue’s founder is running for president as a democrat. 

Randall Terry, dear god. Extremists all need to get out of my politics, thanks.