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Abortion Funds by State


Searching for a clinic and a doctor in your state is hard, and is almost impossible if you don’t have any money or means to travel.

Below are links to organizations that have abortion funds by state, then by city.

Please note: Many of these sites lead to either Planned Parenthood or The National Network of Abortion Funds. 

If any organizations are not on the list, please don’t hesitate to add them in or message us!

*Much of the language used is cis-centric.



Pauline’s Abortion Loan Fund - Anchorage, AL

Alabama: Has no local funds.

Arkansas: Has no local funds.


It’s Your choice: The Abortion Fund - Phoenix, AZ


WRRAP - Los Angeles, CA

Make a Difference Fund - San Diego, CAx

ACCESS - Oakland, CA


Reproductive Equality Fund - Boulder, CO

Connecticut: Has no local funds.


D.C. Abortion Fund - Washington, DC


Delaware Pro-Choice Medical Fund - Wilmington, DE


Laura Knudson Women in Need Fund - Jacksonville, FL

The Roe Fund - Sarasota, FL

Emergency Medical Assistance Inc. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Central Florida Women’s Emergency Fund - Orlando, FL

Women’s Emergency Network - Miami, FL

Broward Women’s Emergency Fund - Hallandale Beach, FL

W.O.M.E.N. - Tampa, FL


Women in Need Fund - Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Pro-Choice Action Committee - Atlanta, GA

Hawaii: Has no local funds.


Heartland Justice Fund - Des Moines, IA

deProsse Access Fund/Emma Goldman Clinic - Iowa City, IA

Iowa Abortion Access Fund - Cedar Rapids, IA


North Idaho Fund - Yakima, WA (Serves ID!)


Chicago Abortion Fund - Chicago, IL

PP of Illinois Reproductive Justice Fund - Chicago, IL

Indiana: Has no local funds.


Peggy Bowman Second Chance Fund - Wichita, KS

Women in Need Fund - Overland Park, KS


A Fund Inc. - Louisville, KY

Louisiana: Has no local funds.


Hope Fund - MA

Abortion Rights Fund of Western Mass - Amherst, MA

Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund - Cambridge, MA

The Jane Fund of Central MA, Inc. - Holden, MA


June Coleman Reproductive Justice Fund - Baltimore, MD


Safe Abortions for Everyone (SAFE) - Freeport, ME


The Jane Doe Loan Fund - Flint, MI

Fountain Street Church Choice Fund - Grand Rapids, MI

Jane Doe Fund - East Lansing, MI


HOTDISH (Hand Over The Decision It Should be Hers) Militia - Duluth, MN

Hersey Abortion Assistance Fund - Minneapolis, MN

Missouri: Has no local funds.

Mississippi: Has no local funds.


Blue Mountain Clinic Access Fund - Missoula, MT

Trust Women Fund, Inc. - Livingston, MT

Sarah’s Circle - Billings, MT

North Carolina: Only organization is temporarily out of funding.

North Dakota:

North Dakota WIN (Women in Need) Abortion Access Fund - Fargo, ND


Abortion Access Fund - Bellevue, NE

New Hampshire:

The Joan Fund - Concord, NH

New Hampshire Fund for Choice - Manchester, NH

New Jersey:

The Elizabeth Area Financial Assistance Program - Elizabeth, NJ

The Justice Fund - Morristown, NJ

Justice Fund of Passaic County - Newark, NJ

New Mexico:

New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice - Albuquerque, NM

Abortion Assistance Fund - Albuquerque, NM


Justice Fund - Reno, NV

New York:

New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) - New York, NY

The Joan Bechhofer Fund - Ithaca, NY

The Abortion Fund of PP of NYC - New York, NY

Third Wave Foundation Emergency Fund - New York, NY

Haven Coalition - New York, NY (provides for people needing to travel to NY for second trimester abortions)

The Access Fund/ Aphrodite Medical PLLC - Vestal, NY


Women Have Options - Granville, OH

Cleveland Abortion Network - Cleveland, OH

Preterm Cleveland - Cleveland, OH

Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund - Toledo, OH


The Roe Fund - Tulsa


Network for Reproductive Options - Eugene, OR

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette Abortion Fund - Portland, OR


Vivian Campbell Fund - Pittsburgh, PA

PP of Northeast and Mid-Penn Fund For Choice - Harrisburg, PA

Margaret C. Rubin Freedom Fund - York, PA

Western PA Fund for Choice - Pittsburgh, PA

Women’s Medical Fund - Philadelphia, PA

Rhode Island:

Women’s Health & Education Fund - Providence, RI

Hope Fund - Providence, RI

South Carolina:

South Carolina Women’s Choice Fund - Charleston, SC

South Dakota:

South Dakota Access for Every Woman - Sioux Falls, SD


J. Paschall Davis Fund - Nashville, TN


Texas Equal Access Fund - Dallas, TX

Stigma (Bush) Relief Fund - Austin, TX

Lilith Fund, Inc. - Austin, TX

Jim Wimberly Fund - Austin, TX

Utah: Has no local funds.


Women in Need Fund (VA) - Richmond, VA

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project - Richmond, VA

Blue Ridge Abortion Assistance Fund - Charlottesville, VA


Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom - Burlington, VT


Abortion Access Network - Seattle, WA

The Community Abortion Info & Resources (CAIR) Projectx - Seattle, WA

Women in Need Fund - Renton, Yakima, and Tacoma, WA


Women’s Medical Fund Inc. - Madison, WI

Freedom Fund Inc. - Marshfield, WI

Options Fund Inc. - Eau Claire, WI

West Virginia:

The WV Free Choice Fund - Charleston, WV


Women for Women - Lander, WY

<3 Love always,

Alex and Ailish

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abortion catholic christian foster care adoption pro life pro choice

…but you can put it up for adoption!


[Image: a poster from Abolish Human Abortion with commentary next to it. The poster has a photo of a large crowd, with the word “Abortion” changed to “Adoption”, followed by, “is the obvious choice.” The commentary reads, There are over 56 million Catholic and Evangelical households in the US. There are 408 thousand American children in foster care needing adoptive families. If just 1 out of every 100 families who oppose abortion adopted a child, every unwanted child would have a permanent home. So why don’t they?” End description.]

Well, Catholic and Evangelical doesn’t necessarily mean anti-choice, and there are anti-choicers who subscribe to neither religion. Still, I would guess the actual numbers aren’t far off, anyway.

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Planned Parenthood abortion pro choice pro life anti choice women women's health women's rights
Planned Parenthood Bombed In Wisconsin


Pro life bombing Planned Parenthood? That makes a whole lot of sense if you don’t think about it.

I hate this planet.

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abortion survivor abortion survivor like seriously wtf oldenburg baby pro life pro choice anti choice

You are not an abortion survivor unless someone actually tried to abort your fetus self.


Example: The Oldenburg Baby

You are not an abortion survivor if you just so happen to be born after x date. That’s like saying someone who was in America, in the comfort of their homes, during World War II, is a Holocaust survivor.

They’re not.

So, unless you actually survived an attempted abortion, you are NOT an abortion survivor.

(Source: whatilearnedinmy16years)

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abortion murder pro life pro choice
Experts say killing of newborns should be allowed.


This is SICK. These “experts” are glorified murderers.

What these male scientists are missing here is that a newborn baby is not biologically dependent on another human being’s body for its entire life force. A fetus or embryo is. Really, I can hardly believe these words came from a doctor’s mouth. This is NOT what pro-choice means.

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abortion life pro life pro choice PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS HAVE BEEN ILLEGAL SINCE 2003
High Quality »

[Image: A poor-quality Photoshop job of Obama smoking a cigarette in a suit dropping a screaming CGI infant into a bin labeled “Medical Waste”. It is accompanied by fake quotes, “I don’t see why Sarah Palin had to be PUNISHED with a Down’s Syndrome baby. I could have offered her a FINAL SOLUTION to her defective child as shown here” and “The question as to when life begins is above my pay grade.” To the side, more text, “Barack Obama orchestrated the defeat of Illinois’ Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY, pro-choice) said of similar Federal legislation, “There is no such thing as a right to a live birth abortion.” Text on the very bottom highlighted in black reads, “You don’t have to be pro-life to oppose infanticide (live birth abortion). You just have to be human.” End description.]

This is the fakest damn thing I have ever seen in my life. Citation needed on Obama saying anything on this poster. And abortion involves no infants, let alone such horribly CGI’d ones. What year is this software from, 1990?

How dare you keep trying to appropriate the Holocaust? Really, how many times must we explain to you how fucking anti-Semitic it is to appropriate our people’s suffering to further your propaganda before it sinks into your skulls?!

And seriously, “live birth abortion”? You can’t even get your own fake terms right. This is what people like you call a “partial birth abortion,” which is also a misnomer. Late-term abortions are abortions that look like a birth, not a birth interrupted by an abortion. Which, by the way, have been illegal for the past nine years on a federal level.

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abortion pro choice pro life personhood oklahoma reproductive rights feminism signal boost
Stop the Oklahoma Personhood Act!


Stop the proposed Personhood Act! 

The OK Personhood Act will deny abortions even for victims of sexual assualt and in cases where it is medically necessary to save a person’s life.

Oklahoma is about to pass the Personhood Act, which gives embryos constitutional rights at the moment of conception. This bill would also outlaw abortions, even if its medically necessary to save the parent’s life and in cases of rape and incest.

If you have time, please sign this.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m kind of sick of people trying to take away reproductive rights.

It isn’t cool.


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pro choice Abortion Prolife Pro life

So I love the pro-choice phrase, “No uterus, no opinion,” and yet society accuses MEN of thinking with their genitals.

But the uterus isn’t genitalia. That’s the vulva. Thanks for showing that anti-choicers don’t understand reproduction.

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abortion pro life pro choice Louisiana
Louisiana most pro-life state! Going to outlaw abortion this year.


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abortion pro life election 2012 presidential election infanticide


[Image: a lawn sign with the text “VOTE PRO-LIFE”. There is also a blue star with a red and white striped tail left of the word “vote”. End description.]

Pro-Life Advocates: Prepare for the 2012 Elections Now

“Many of us have formed a “Vote Pro-life Coalition” ( which in the coming months will educate voters, call on Churches to observe Voter Registration Sundays (May 27, July 1, and Sept 9), conduct prayer campaigns (including a nine-week novena from Tue. Sept. 4 to Tue. Nov. 6), and much more.”

"Prayer campaigns"

"Prayer campaigns"

"Prayer campaigns"

[Image: animated gif from an episode of Zero Punctuation. White text on a blue background with one word coming in after the other in all caps, “WHAT ARBITRARY SILLINISS”. End description.]

At least praying won’t get anything done in politics.

Seriously. We have the first amendment for a reason. Separation of church and state, dude.